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Hi! I am Aropedeevil, a cisgender gal with a very busy life. :)  I prefer the pronouns She Her and Hers.

My life partner, Firm-Hand-Buddha and I are very happy, and have been together in a full time power exchange relationship since 2012.

What else?  I have 3 amazing adult offspring, one of which has gifted me with 3 amazing grandchildren! 

I LOVE learning, as much as I love rope (and I really, really love rope!). I have a Psychology degree, with a minor in Criminology, & am a certified Love Coach.  I am to enter graduate studies in the field of sexual sciences.

As a pansexual person with loved ones also under the rainbow flag, I am quite active,in the promotion of LGBTQ rights.  I am also known as an avid CONSENT advocate.   While there are no grey areas in consent, there are many ways in which we are socialized to view sexual consent as complex and confusing.   My non kink interests are sexuality, psychology, child development, feminism, researching, human behaviour, learning and reading.
            BDSM Stuff

Life At Play

Although I started out as a strictly spanko gal, things have changed over the 20+ years that I have been a BDSM practitioner. I have explored many things and my 'role' is a great deal more fluid than it once was.  I am a gluttonous, masochistic bottom, but I am also a devious and sometimes intense rope top.

I LOVE rope. The feel of it on my skin, the sound of it moving over your skin, the way it seems to have its own mind when I am rigging. I simply love it. When I first started rigging I tied such pretty ties. Now I am less mindful of the 'beauty' of the tie, and more attentive to the energy between me and my playmate. Fun times!

As a bottom I submit to pain on its own, but the person who I permit to own that submission is my dear Sir and Sadist, Firm-Hand-Buddha. I do bottom for others when that connection is there and everyone is in agreement as to the hows and whos.

My kink interests are ever evolving but include Rope (as a top) for pain, suspension or erotically, Spanking (switch) from roleplay to heavy beatings, Violet Wand Brandings, Single tail (switch), and being at FHB's mercy for any kind of s/m play.  For me it is not the particular activity, but the being able to submit to pain in an ever growing intensity.  I also like to bite, and to hear whimpers turn to shrieks.  Don't judge me! ♥

        As A presenter

I am big on promoting acceptance of Sexuality and advocacy for sexual minority groups.

Firm-Hand-Buddha and I have been teaching, presenting,mentoring and advocating in our own community for a few years. We both enjoy being active in our community and sharing what little we know-with the understanding that like all things sexual, knowledge is subject to the perspective of those experiencing it.  We do not know everything, and there is no one true way to love, to fuck, or to play. 

 I have always been a firm believer in advocating for sex positive attitudes and laws, for ensuring that I am always learning and growing as a sexual (and kinky) being. To that end, along with my formal training and education, Sir and I attend numerous conferences to keep our own learning current and ongoing.

We do our best to share the little we know, to help others think critically about the resources they have, and assist in finding many sources of lifestyle information.

 FHB and I are two of the diretors of ASPECC, Alberta Sex Positive Education & Community Centre.  The centre offers a wide variety of events and educational oportunities on sexuality, including some BDSM orientated themes, with a focus on consent and respect of diversity.


Feel free to browse the workshops page! We are always happy to travel to events, large or small for help with travel costs.