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Hi! My name is Angel (I am also known as Aropedeevil). I am a graduate student with a passion for consent, equality and social justice.

I am a cisgender (meaning I identify as the gender that I was assigned at birth), pansexual (I am attracted to persons of all genders; hearts not parts), alterative (long story) social justice advocate. I am one of the founders (and current President) of an Edmonton based nonprofit organization that provides shame free education and inclusive spaces.

In my spare time I develop workshops and presenations on a wide variety of sex positive topis, from History of Sexual Assault to Erotic Spankings 101. For a full list of my workshops please go here.

I am in a committed relationship with my life and business partner, Mark; I have three amazing children and three adorable grandchildren!! Life is good!

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Hi! My name is Mark (I am also known as Firm-Hand-Buddha). I am a chandler, spending my days makig exotique spa candles and helping to run the Alberta Sex Positive Education and Community Centre as their CEO.

I am a cisgender, pansexual sadist with a passion for consent and the promotion of inclusive spaces. Angel and I have invested considerable efforts into the success of the nonprofit centre and into advocating for the development of consent culture in our communities.

Angel and I develop workshops and presenations on altnernative lifestyles, promoting healthy relationship skills, ethical decision making and critical thinking skills.

I am very proud of our product line, and personally invested four years into developing the spa candles. Happy sexploration!