Conductive Jute 

So... We made some conductive jute.  It is 4mm, with 6 strands of stainless steel thread.  So right away we figured we needed to test it.  Thankfully we had a volunteer handy.   

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Personal responsibility (equals not: Not my problem)

I am not talking trash about PRICK.

I am talking about the misuse of the phrase "personal responsibility" when addressing community problems such as new person support, abuse and slandering.

Personally Responsibility is a popular buzz word in this site and in society in regards to consent violations (which we will not call assault or rape because we would not want society to see our community as one that has room for predators in it). Whenever a discussion regarding community policies about banning predators arises this buzz word will be brought to the table. Whenever talking about helping newbies navigate the community this phrase will buzz around.

Personal Responsibility. It is a beautiful phrase isn't it? On the surface is seems so empowering. Take responsibility for yourself and your own choices and actions. You can CHOOSE and then you get to live with your choice. Personal responsibility is the concept that we, as humans, cause our own actions and because of this we are morally and legally accountable for our actions.

It is a beautiful idea. I even agree with it. We DO need to own our shit, to take responsibility for our journey and not expect someone to do it for us.

Unfortunately this phrase has been perverted to mean that in turn, we cannot look out for our fellow man. That because we are each personally responsible for our journey that if we see someone about to step in a pile of doggie doo we should shut up and let them learn the hard way. And that, friends, is where this empowering phrase has become a buzz word.

It's bullshit. It implies that I DO have control over everything that happens to me. It implies that where I stand today is entirely of my own making. It implies that I am empowered in situations where I sure as hell am not. Saying that we should have personal responsibility is another way of saying that what happens to Jane or John is not my problem. And that is utter bullshit.

I can only control my own actions, not anyone else's. There is fuck all I can do to guarantee my own safety while still having a meaningful life. I can exercise my own judgment, try to be aware of potential hazards and risks, and learn from my mistakes. For the most part, this will work to my advantage. Yet, there are those not so wonderful persons who do not follow these rules. I have no control over their choices, and sometimes they choose to cause others harm, for their own gratification.

Why is it then, that when a grown up enters the BDSM community we say that they need to have personal responsibility in lieu of US having the MORAL BACKBONE to ban predators and those 'socially awkward' persons who touch people without consent? Oh, Johhny? Yes, he is a known dangerous player, but we keep him in the community because who are we to judge? That newbie he scarred? He/she should have personal responsibility. Jane? We know she likes to penetrate her subs once they are tied up without their consent, but that is the subs fault.. he/she should have vetted her better and needs to take personal responsibility for his/her kink journey. Judy? She is new and we know she doesn't have a clue but hey... she'll learn the hard way.

Don't mistake me-I firmly believe that in order to evolve, be self aware and grow as a human and as a bdsm practitioner that personal responsibility is paramount to our journey. I try to look at myself and improve. I strive to be proactive in my life rather than reactive. I own my choices and I would like those around me to do the same. I suggest to newcomers that they not assume anyone has magical authority, to vet players, and to attend munches and socialize in order to meet others. I certainly do not suggest that they are passive in their journey. Empowering ourselves and encouraging others to do the same is wonderful.

But...When we are talking about players in our community who are KNOWN to be dangerous, to rape and harm and to touch without consent the personal responsibility gambit is victim blaming. The person who SHOULD have personal responsibility did not and does not as we can see from their continuous string of violations. When he protect these people,(and yes when we turn a blind eye and a silent mouth to these known predators we are protecting them) WE are condoning their acts.

When we are talking about how new persons should be just left to figure it out on their own ("like we did") because they have to have personal responsibility we are being utter jackasses.

Seems to me that back in the "old days" mentoring was in place. The community was smaller and it was easier for the experienced players to mentor the occasional new person. It is more difficult now. Having a group that polices itself (banning those that use the group to meet newbies to play with, greeting in pairs to prevent mishaps etc) and welcomes newcomers, shares information with them and answers questions does not dis-empower the newcomer. It gives them the tools they need to be able to make responsible choices (or not, as they choose).

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Victim shaming: Juan debate

When this story first broke many were firmly against CBC's decision to distance themselves from Jian and just as many were shouting down the allegations of abuse against Jian himself.Here on FL the sentiment seemed to be hinged on Jian's mention of BDSM.

His claim that he was fired because he was kinky was met with a reactive roar of outrage. His claim that his submissive was accusing him of 'non consensual acts' (ie rape, assault, abuse, but I agree that non consensual sounds much nicer) was met with mixed reactions ranging from, "let's wait and see what happened" to "Burn the whores".Now that everyone has had time to process a bit more, to read a bit more, to take in some of the details of the story, things have calmed down a bit.

Yet there are still some loud voices who are repeating a disturbing theme, "They were just allegations, CBC should not fire someone over allegations"

I disagree.

Canadian employers are obligated to ensure that their workplaces are free of sexual harassment. So depending on the allegations and the circumstances, on the contents of Jian's employee file and previous incident reports you can rightfully be dismissed from your place of employment for allegations of sexual harassment.I disagree with minimizing such allegations by calling them "just allegations".

Contrary to popular myth, false accusations of this sort are not common.

It is a terrifying and shaming experience to have to tell your boss that another employee is harassing you (does not respect you) and that you are unable to deal with this on your own. When you approach your boss with this, you have no idea how your concerns will be addressed. Will they believe you? You have the added bonus of knowing you will have to work with the sob tomorrow, and his colleagues. You can also be confident that your already hostile workplace will be worse tomorrow as people takes sides. "If they don't go to the police then (they aren't telling the truth, it doesn't count, they are obviously just angry ex's etc).Lots of victims NEVER report their abusers to the police. The reasons are varied, but all valid. Rape victims are subjected to yet another person touching them in a very intimate fashion (medical examination). They are often called upon to prove it happened. Their abusers may have authority over them, and thus can make their life even more hellish. Their abusers may have power (politicians, celebs, police, priests, money, ceo etc). Lets be honest.. many powerful people get away with murder, never mind some 'non consensual act'Their own sex lives will be on display. EVERYONE will know what happened to them and there are always some lovely ppl out there who will blame them.

Unless you are the person who was assaulted you do not get to decide what actions to take.

"By going to the media instead they show they are just smearing him"If you have a predator who harmed you but seems untouchable, and you find out that he is doing this over and over to other women.. that he gets away with it at work.. that he destroyed some lady online who dared to talk about him (without even using his name)... what do you do?This guy is a celeb. Having an investigative reporter interview them, then can likely rest easy knowing he won't out them, he will investigate, he is likely to find more people who have run afoul of him, and it won't be hushed up by ceo's or the police, or a pr team. It is actually pretty smart. All those statements implying they consented and then decided to call foul

The dates might have consented to some things. But as any DM will tell you, consent is ongoing. The moment they wanted to stop they should have been able to remove consent. But I am not buying that his coworker consented to being told that he wanted to hate fuck her. It sounds as if Jian has a history of not understanding consent or boundaries, if you read the comments by other women who have interacted with Jian.Regardless of what we think of CBC walking away from Jian, or what we think of Q, regardless of how much we wish those ladies went to the police, statements that blame the ladies in question are inappropriate at this time. Lashing out at the victims because the idea that our kinks can hurt our vanilla life freaks us out is not helpful.This hurts us as much as it does the victims in this case

Statements that minimize the experience these ladies had with Jian are not acceptable. Victim shaming is not cool. As card carrying kinksters we should be better than this.

We need people in our communities who have run afoul of abusive partners to feel able to come forward, not to cower in fear that their own peers will blame them. How else will we create play spaces that are safe for ourselves?
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the elephant in the dungeon

There is an Elephant in the Dungeon, and yet so many people refuse to look, to acknowledge or talk about it. The few that do attempt to look at the elephant, point out the elephant or goddess forbid talk about the elephant are met with denial, misdirection, character attacks and so forth.

The Elephant is that there ARE people who are in our kink communities simply so that they can prey on others.

Ignoring it, calling it anything but what it is, pointing out that there are predators everywhere, calling me a drama whore or a victim does not change change the fact that the elephant is real, it is there.

Just like any other gathering space for adults, there are abusers and predators in the BDSM community. Being kinky does not mean that one is safe, sane, noble, strong, honest etc, just as being kinky does not mean one is a pedophile, sociopath, adulterer, liar, abuser etc. "But there are predators everywhere!'Sure. Our kink community is not the only place to find creepers.

Something to keep in mind, however, is that certain environments are more likely than others to entice abusers. Environments where they can blend in, be anonymous, build credibility, rely on those around them to hush up complaints, and where they are able to find persons who are more likely to be conflicted about the abuse itself.It is easier to hide a hatred towards women amongst heavy players.

It can be difficult at times to separate misogyny from some of the more intense aspects of BDSM. It is easier to hide a deep hatred when surrounded by acts of violence, humiliation, degradation and power exchanges. "You are just saying this because (insert bs personal attack here)"Yes, I am female. Yes, I am a feminist and an advocate for equality and coexist. Yes I have been sexually assaulted. Yes, someone has used BDSM as a way to abuse me.

None of this removes the elephant from the room.

My experience as a new bottom is just as valid anecdotal evidence as your experience and anecdotal evidence. Regardless of our personal experiences, however, this elephant is here. Right now, in your community and in mine, there are persons who are welcomed into the BDSM groups and events, often in leadership roles, who use that 'authority' and the guise of BDSM to abuse their submissives and bottoms. It is happening.

"We have no way to self police this"

W e don't have to be our own police. What we could do, however, is lead. We can talk to the experts about ways to deter and prevent this, ways to encourage victims to come forth, how to address it and how to support those involved. We have the option to be proactive, rather than to just debate if victims are lieing. We have the option to create a cut and dried (ish) protocols in our societies and clubs for addressing these concerns, rather than focusing on trying to contain the allegations within our community.

When we try to run damage control we actually empower abusers and trample the victim, creating an even more welcoming environment for further abuse. "That allegation is false! I talked to him/her and they were genuinely appalled that (victim name) felt they were abused!"While I am not talking about a specific allegation allow me to share a not so fun fact: Most abusers do not realize that they are in fact being abusive. They justify their actions to themselves. They don’t' just wake up one day and violently rape someone (typically). Instead there is a pattern of boundary violations that typically escalate. The very terrifying truth is that while many do not really get that they are violating anyone's boundaries, a few know exactly what they are doing. They feel they are entitled to do what they want and they are charismatic and well able to fake shock and indignation, sincerity and earnestness.

It's our community.

I would love to see it be a safe place.With all these newbies entering the scene thanks to changing societal values and media exposure via soft bdsm books and movies and documentaries we need to get on this. I predict a rise in consent violations being reported until we figure out how to be proactive.

/end rant

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the insiduous nature of abuse

Did you have one of those moments of shock and horror when you realized that the relationship you were in was unhealthy and abusive? Did you wonder how it was that you couldn't see it for what it was? How this happened? When it happened?

It really is not your fault.

Most abusive relationships do not start out that way. You don't head out on your first date, go to sit at the table only to have your date backhand you for (insert imagined slight aka excuse here). Chances are you didn't meet them at a party where they called you a stupid little slut that can't do anything right.I doubt that the day you started dating/having wild sex that he/she insisted that you stop seeing your friends, cut off your close relatives and hand over your dignity, self-love and confidence.

Many abusers are incredibly romantic and charismatic.

They listen and remember all those little things you say. You feel heard and understood. They orchestrate a flower delivery in which customers walking into your work each hand you a rose until you are standing there with dozens of flowers and tears in your eyes. They show an appreciation for your independence, your strengths, your talents, you sexuality, your looks, your everything.

Things slowly change. 

Divide then conquer: 

There is the slow erosion of your social supports. 

Little comments that take seed and grow.

That good friend of yours? "Wow, she really is hard on you, not supportive at all. She seems to find it hard to be happy for you, why is that? Every time you come back from (friend's name here) you are negative about us, can't you see she's manipulating you?" That coworker you like? "He said what? That is pretty rude, I can't believe he is so disrespectful of you. Didn't I meet him at the (business function)? Ahhh.. I see. Hmm? What do I mean? Well, he did stare at your cleavage a lot, I bet he is just hoping to score. He told some fairly sexist jokes. HE asked me what you are like in bed."

Slowly but surely he/she will drive away your social connections, typically in a way that will make you feel like it was your choice.If he/she is really good you will find yourself unemployed, or at a new job where you don't have any friends. Working from home, raising kids.

Crazy Making

Then comes the gas lighting. He/she will do things that you call them on, only to spin it so that you begin to doubt your perception of events. The previous isolation techniques already have you doubting yourself (how could you not see how horrible your pals were?). Now it is easier to convince you that YOU were the one that fucked up, not them. You started the fight, not them. It is your responsibility, not theirs. Your recollection of what happened is not quite accurate. They will remind you of past events that you also remember, with tiny variations from your memory-things you can't quite pin down. This will slowly increase until they are towering over you, fist drawn back one minute, and not ten minutes later denying that it even happened. And the crazy thing is, a part of you will wonder if you saw what you saw, if what happened really happened.

Huge Rewards:

Every time things get nasty between you there is a romantic, exciting make up time. Extravagant gifts, or romantic interludes. If you are a kinky slut like me, those make up times are hot scenes, incredible play times that are intense and focused on you. You may feel as if this IS LOVE!! So exciting! So romantic! So fucking hot to be treated like this! Some abusers will gift you huge trips, cars, jewlery etc. Some will woo you with intensity of focus, making you feel as if your every breath is of utter importance to them. Very harlequin romance stuff.Even the sex might be amazing.They might dangle rewards but never actually give them. You are supposed to go to rome together this spring...


By now you rely on them in some way that makes it seem impossible to leave. You might be relying on them financially. Maybe you live in their house. Have kids together? They likely have you believing you will loose your kids if you leave. Threats may have been made, you may now believe your very safety is dependent upon them.

BDSM and abusers

This is another fun toy for gas lighting. Those hot play times? They will slowly creep over the line. Your consent will be stretched, and he/she will convince you that it wasn't, not really. They will conveniently forget your hard limit. "What? I don't remember you saying cages were a no.. when was that? Way back then? Why didn't you say something? Of course that was not intentional!" They may wait until you are a big submissive mess from an intense play session, your defenses stripped away from you, and then say something hurtful. They may mark you in a way you can't hide, so that you will not go out, or start using only the toys/play/words/scene related activity that you hate, pointing out that YOU are the one that wanted to play. It is never THEIR fault-it's you.

You think isolating a vanilla is a keen trick? Isolate a submissive from the community AND isolate them from their vanilla social world.

Misc. Tricks

When you are ready to leave (and this will happen more than once in typical abusive relationships) They will be a changed person. They want relationship counselling, they will quit drinking, they will move mountains-just don't go. That reward stage might ramp up, they will seem like they REALLY heard you, don't you love them? They are changing for you!! Don't go, we can do this...After you capitulate things may get worse, fast. There may be a lull before this happens. Fear and hope will be with you at all times, further eroding your ability to think, eroding your confidence,.

So there you are... months or years into the relationship. A relationship where your emotions are kept on full tilt. (which by the way interferes with our ability to be rational and see things objectively). A relationship where you are lacking the social supports of others or the community. You might now be reliant on them, without resources. You doubt your own perceptions of sensation, events and even your own sanity.

Did you suddenly blink and realize this is the relationship you are in?

It really is not your fault.

International Abuse Hotline 1-800-799-7233UK Domestic Violence Helpline (24hr, freephone) 0808 2000 247

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That Moment

That moment

when I pull the rope tight

and you tremble,


Your breath a soft puff of air on my skin.

That moment

when I growl in your ear,

and you moan,


our body so pliable as it rests in the tie.

That moment

When I grab your tied body

Moving your roughly


Controlling you,

hurting you sweetly.

Ahh that moment,

When I smell your desire,

Mingle with mine

so wet

here is nothing but us two and rope.

That moment

when the rope makes you mine.


We tremble,


When rope makes me yours

That moment

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How about bottoming from the top??? hmmm???

At a gathering recently I was asked to weigh in on the phenomena known as "Topping from the bottom".It's a subject that has always annoyed me a wee bit, as i just don't see what all the hullabaloo is about.

Wasn't it Eleanor Roosevelt who said that no one can have power over you unless you give it to them?

Often is seems to me that this label is used as a knee jerk reaction of disapproval to us brats who will do our equivalent of kicking Sir in the shin to let him know we'd really like some funishment.Other people seem to be referring to a bottom saying "harder, softer, that wrapped, please no teeth" once in the scene.Still others, a smaller group in my experience, also include a bottom who is clear about what they want in a scene.

To those of you from the first group... It is annoying, I am sure, to be Lord UberDomly Thunderpants and have your submissive glutton playfully brat you. Poor thing. If you are truly Lord UberDomly Thunderpants then you should be able to deal with this in an adult and leadership based manner. You could, perhaps, sit your submissive down and state clearly that you do not enjoy this behavior and it will not result in funishment at all, but time out. Or perhaps find out WHY your submissive is bratting rather than coming to you in an adult manner and stating clearly that he or she would REALLY like some play please. Or recognize that sometimes it is just fun to brat, and you could have fun sending them to a corner.

Throwing the overused phrase "Topping from the bottom" is lazy. And in my oh so personal opinion, every bottom/sub/slave has the right to ask for what they need. Them asking does NOT force you to do a dang thing. If your sub is a SAM, (like perhaps I can be) and you don't care for it, again... Conversation. Leadership skills.

To those who feel that a bottom speaking up from within a scene is nothing but the bottom behaving like a Top, I respectfully suggest you hone your Topping skills. Or perhaps your pre-scene negotiating skills need work. If I am not getting what I need out of the scene, or getting something I do not need, I have the RESPONSIBILITY to say so. If you are bottoming to me, I EXPECT you to speak up. None of us are psychic.

And Lord UberDomly Thunderpants?

If you are EVER uncomfortable during a scene, you have the right to safe word and end the scene. So if you truly feel that your bottom is Topping, call yellow. Discuss it. Can't resolve it? End the scene, part amicably. Done deal.

To those few who feel that a bottom negotiating a scene clearly is Topping.. Well no words of mine will help you. Good luck with that.Perhaps someone can also explain to me why it is that we never hear complaining about those who sub from the Top. Why is it no one is assuming that some things that Tops do are actually submissive behaviors? Is it subbing from the Top when SirRespectful asks his bottom, "Would you like me to go harder?" Is it subbing from the Top when the bottom is asked to choose what implements? When the Top checks in with the sub to see if things are still ok? When the Top gets a buzz from what he/she is doing?Is is subbing from the Top when Lord Confident Dom says to his bottom/submissive/slave, "I want to experience xyz, go grab the whatchamallit and use it on me."My opinion? Not at all. But if we are going to shame a subby type for speaking up for what they need, or for trying to be playful and get playtime that way, it's only fair if any signs of respect, compassion, or desire for sensory play should be seen as subbing from the Top, no?

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Is that you Santa?? oh no!

The usually prim lady sprawled on the couch, tipsy from the Bailey's and flushed with expectation. Her lover had promised to pop by this evening, and in a burst of alcohol fueled courage she had dressed up rather tartly for him, her hair swept up, lipstick dark red, and a slutty little outfit sure to widen his eyes. A patent leather under bust corset cinched her waist, her breasts bared and a matching patent skirt that barely covered her butt clung to her curvy body. The black stockings that encased her legs were sexy as heck and spiked heels on her feet finished the look, even if she was a bit wobbly in them.

She grinned as she imagined the look on his face, and her naughty thoughts made her body tingled and tighten in the most delicious ways. She let her thoughts wander, and was just beginning to imagine all sorts of sinful fun when she heard it... the jingle of bells, the booming sound of "hohoho".

She giggled, thinking her dear lover was playing around, and flounced to the door to let him in.

Except..It was not her lover at all, but ...

"Santa?" she gasped, staring in wonder. Santa here? What on earth!Santa was staring too, but in horrified shock. His eyes raked over her and his demeanor changed quickly from jolly to stern and disapproving.

"Miss!! Have you NO shame?"

She gasped in horror as she remembered he state of... cough undress. Her hands flew up to cover her bare breasts and she blushed a fiery red.

"Oh my!! I, um, that is.. uh." She floundered, at a complete loss how to deal with this startling development. She flashed a tipsy grin at the lovely man and giggled..."Obviously I was not expecting you!!"

Father Christmas, however, was not amused. He took her by the arm and led her further into the house. Closing the door he turned back to her and shook his head in disappointment before herding her before him up the stairs. He scolded her as he shooed her into the living room, scooping a kitchen chair as he passed the table.

"Miss!!! That skirt is so short your backside flashes as you walk!! What sort of lady wears such an outfit!!"

She stammered, giggled and stumbled, with half hearted excuses, apologies and sassy comments as Santa plopped the chair in front of the tree and sat down, tugging her to spill face down over his knee which elicited a startled gasp of protest from the tipsy lady herself.

"Santa!! Really! (giggle), um, usually a girl SITS on Santa's knee you see, I think you have this ALL wrong!!"

She tried to stand up, but Santa placed his white gloved hand firmly upon her back.

"Good girls sit on my lap, Miss.. Not tarts!" Santa adjusted the squirming ladies body and then brought his right hand down upon her upturned cheeks."Naughty girls get spankings.:"

"eek!!!" She squealed, mortified as her childhood hero began to swat her. "Santa, really, i must, ack.. uh.. "

"You (smack) must (smack) nothing!(smack)" Santa retorted, stepping up his pace and swatting harder to boot.

"I (smack SMACK smack) didn't even (smack smack SMACK smackety smack) raise (SMACK SMACK) your (SMACK) skirt, (smack smack) you naughty (SMACK) thing, (smack smack smack) it is so short (SMACK SMACK SMACK) that it (SMACK) raised (SMACK) itself!!!(SMACK smack smack smack smack SMACK" He focused on turning her cheeks red, ignoring her protests while he scolded her.

"I cannot (smack smack)hardly (smack SMACK smack) fathom (SMACK) what has gotten (smack smack smack) into you!! (smack smack smack) Dressing like a tart (smack SMACK smack) sassing Father Christmas (SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK) and you are intoxicated (SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK) are you not?? (smack smack smack)" Santa declared.

This onslaught continued, turning her buttocks first a sweet pink, then dark pink then red, until she was kicking her feet and little crocodile tears escaped her eyes.Then Santa snugged her in tightly and spanked her hard and fast, leaving her breathless, as he ominously queried,

"Do you know what Santa does with sassy, naughty, tarty girls?"

"Spanks them?" she guessed, wryly, in between her gasps and whimpers.

"Naughty girls might get a spanking, but You, Miss" Santa replied, "have earned far more than that." He jostled her so she was more securely held and she felt something cold and hard pressed flat against her very warm cheeks. She barely had time to wonder before he lifted the item and brought it down smartly.

"Ack!!! owww!!" She flailed, trying to get off his knee as he brought the mean paddle down again..slightly harder yet. "nooooo!!!!!, stop please.. Santa!!," and again, harder still, as she kicked and squirmed.

Santa paddled her now tender cheeks thoroughly, until she quit struggling and lay limply over his lap, crying softly. Then he finally lifted her off his lap and let her weep into his shoulder a moment.Once she began to calm a bit, he stood her up and led her back into the kitchen.

"Almost done, brat. I am sure, Quite Sure, that when I am done you will not be greeting Santa EVER AGAIN in such a shameless outfit!!" With that he bent her over her table and drew off his belt. "How many days of Christmas?"

"uh.. twelve?" she said, slightly dazed..

"Twelve it is, hohoho!" Santa chortled as he brought the belt down upon her backside. "Eleven days, HoHoHo!" Thwack! and so on until the last lash had landed."Now, Miss" Santa said, not unkindly, as he stood her up and walked her to the corner. "You will stand here." He turned her so she was facing the corner. "Until he comes"

She stood there, feeling confused, shamed and yet... exhilarated too...

Wonder what her lover would think, to find her standing there?

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Dear Santa

Dear Santa,

I know I have been oh so naughty this year (and every year) but I am hoping you can see past the shin kicking, tongue out sticking, rope tying, subspace flying shenanigans to the good girl I really am, under all that delicious naughtiness.

I work so hard Santa, I do!

I am studying like crazy and have gotten several scholarships and awards, and you know at my age it is difficult to stay in school, but Santa!! I did!! Third Year!! Surely that is a good girl sorta thing, right?

And I take good care of my family, I am responsible, pay my debts, follow the rules and prioritize the health and well-being of those in my family (myself too!) over fun and games.

I try very hard to be a good person, to not hurt anyone, to be there with a ready smile for those around me, to help where I can and empathize and be supportive of those in need.

Come on, Santa, surely you and your silly elves agree, I have been OH So Good. So this year, please, Santa , please!! Do Not leave me coal this year!! I will happily take my spankings for whatever naughty silliness you are upset about, I Will!!But please, please Santa, I deserve a gift this year!! I would be ever grateful she bats her eyes sweetly if you would bring me my new rope book (Douglas Kent, sky, please please please) some carabiners (for.. uh... hiking and stuff) and some undyed hemp or jute rope, 6mm.And Santa? If you would like to see some more naughty behaviour from this good girl, you could bring me some thongs, a hot wax kit and a new paddle, that one with the stingray skin on one side...mmmm...Please?Pretty Please?

Hugs and laughterAropedeevil

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When the Rope Seduces Me

As we sit there talking I can feel myself becoming more and more focused on that length of rope I have been absentmindedly let slide through my fingers. Each fiber of the rope feels as if it is more pronounced than it as a moment ago, there is a sensation of warming where the rope caresses my skin, sliding, rough and smooth, gently abrasive, leaving my hand tingling.

I turn to face FHB, as he is talking, and I have this moment of disorientation, as I am looking at his sexy frame as a rigger, imagining what I could do with this rope, did he let me-and that image is for a moment superimposed my vision of him... I smile wryly, amused, because while he often lets me practice on him he is NOT a bottom, nor does he get any glee from rope, in his hands or on his person.

BL says something, and what little focus I have left shifts to him, the rope still sliding, fibers catching on my skin, yet sliding ever so soft and wicked... hmm?? What did he say??I put the rope down beside me and concentrate a little... follow the conversation, participate.. And I am doing good... Right?? But when bk says something and I make eye contact I am suddenly very aware that I have picked the rope back up and continued my tactile junky fix-and suddenly I very clearly see what this rope should be doing.

This very pretty pink hemp rope that is stroking my hand, sliding across my forearm and pooling sinfully at my feet should be winding itself over her skin instead... wrapping around her waist, cinching just on this side of good... Then down and through her legs, creating a cradle to lift her buttocks just so... tightening just a bit here, more there... And one wrist fastened here, elbow there....And maybe.. yes that purple rope... it just wants to slide up her abdomen, wrap itself over her rib cage, asymmetrically binding one breast, this knot right there... this one just off kilter... now cinch it tight... I can hear that amazing soft squeak she makes when you startle her in a good way... Yes, this rope can now bring that foot up... just so.. bind bind... and the leg.. bind bind... more rope....back to pink, this arm now... it needs to be like this... secure it.. double column tie... and that foot like this... with purple... secure it, double column tie...I can see it, the whole time they are talking..

I can feel my heart beat slow down, the feel of the rope sliding through my fingers, the tension, the warmth of her skin... I can hear her sounds, the rasp of the rope...I can see it... the finished picture, arm and leg fully suspended, body partially, the position looking so impossibly uncomfortable but made peaceful by the rigging... Her form swaying slightly on the ropes, that glazed look a rope bunny gets that makes me feel... so... damn. just so damned good.

I stand up abruptly, obviously not in time with conversation, judging by the startled looks everyone gives me... I shrug.. Socially awkward?? Me?? yup...

I put aside that vision a wee bit, and show BL and FHB the tie we are here for... I demonstrate on bk, trying not to yank the rope too tight just to hear that sound, ignoring the seductive song the rope is singing I do what I am supposed to do, grinning to myself, even as I am picturing what else this rope can do.And so we learn the tie we came to learn. We practice the tie we came to learn. BL ties on bk, FHB ties it on me, the tightening of the rope on my own skin just adds to the song in my head. The whole time I am just dancing inside to a different song-being seduced by the rope.

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