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Dear Santa

Dear Santa,

I know I have been oh so naughty this year (and every year) but I am hoping you can see past the shin kicking, tongue out sticking, rope tying, subspace flying shenanigans to the good girl I really am, under all that delicious naughtiness.

I work so hard Santa, I do!

I am studying like crazy and have gotten several scholarships and awards, and you know at my age it is difficult to stay in school, but Santa!! I did!! Third Year!! Surely that is a good girl sorta thing, right?

And I take good care of my family, I am responsible, pay my debts, follow the rules and prioritize the health and well-being of those in my family (myself too!) over fun and games.

I try very hard to be a good person, to not hurt anyone, to be there with a ready smile for those around me, to help where I can and empathize and be supportive of those in need.

Come on, Santa, surely you and your silly elves agree, I have been OH So Good. So this year, please, Santa , please!! Do Not leave me coal this year!! I will happily take my spankings for whatever naughty silliness you are upset about, I Will!!But please, please Santa, I deserve a gift this year!! I would be ever grateful she bats her eyes sweetly if you would bring me my new rope book (Douglas Kent, sky, please please please) some carabiners (for.. uh... hiking and stuff) and some undyed hemp or jute rope, 6mm.And Santa? If you would like to see some more naughty behaviour from this good girl, you could bring me some thongs, a hot wax kit and a new paddle, that one with the stingray skin on one side...mmmm...Please?Pretty Please?

Hugs and laughterAropedeevil