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Workshops  Offered
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Just Remember

No matter who you turn to for information about sex, relationships, BDSM and romance, there is NO one TRUE way to love, to live, or to be.  Always think critically about information you learn from others, and remember that their perspective is subjective to their own experiences.

Aropedeevil's Workshops


The art of Erotic and Romantic Spanking

Spanking is a fetish unto itself. The vulnerability when one is held over a knee, the anticipation and trepidation as one waits for the first blow to fall. This workshop details the art of spanking from positioning your naughty bottom, making the most of their heightened sense of anticipation and fear, all the way to the after care of both the top and the bottom. From incredibly erotic to romantic discipline, this is a spanking class not to miss.

(Duration 1-2 hours)


Rope to Connect

is class includes a beginners primer (one and two column ties, basic chest harness) but focuses more on bringing the passion to the forefront rather than focusing on the ties themselves. Join this class to practice being passionate with your ropes, to use them as a tool to connect to your partner and as a trust building exercise.

(Duration 1-2 hours)


Spanking Academy

This is a hands on classroom event! Bring your spanking partner and join me for spanking fun and games. As your professor I will be teaching you how to take to task a naughty bottom, demonstrating various techniques that will you will be graded on.Once lessons are over it is time for you to demonstrate what you have learned, to earn your certificate of spanking mastery.Bring a partner and a sense of humor.(Duration 1-2 hoursSubmission for Strong Willed PersonalitiesIt can be challenging to submit to your partner when your own personality is one filled with strength and passion. This workshop looks at ways to find balance and peace in a D/s relationship when the submissive is a strong willed personality.

(Duration 1-2 hours)


Rope Basics

This class focuses on beginner rope bondage skills:-Safety for Rope bondage-Rope Types-Single & Double Column Ties-Basic Chest harness

(Duration 1-2 hours)


Sex Positive Culture

Sex positive refers to viewing consensual sexual acts and diverse sexualities as healthy and natural.  Humans are diverse, and our sexuality reflects this.  From asexual to pansexual, from heterosexual to two spirited, this workshop introduced sex positive culture and leads a discussion on where our sexual values come from, and how sex negative culture impacts our day to day lives.

(Duration 1-2 hours)


Building Consensual Community

It can be a simple matter to establish that your community is one that expects people to behave consensually, but developing community values that support consensual behaviour can be quite a bit trickier.  This workshop is aimed at developing strategies to promote consensual ACTS and Thoughts within our communities, rather than just a rule on paper.  We dive into the sticky part of consent challenges by learning about socially programmed biases, brainstorm strategies to become more aware and consensual, and ways to promote consent within our community structures.  (Duration 1-2 hours)


Firm-Hand-Buddha's Workshops


Pressure Points for Pain and Pleasure

Firm-Hand-Buddha demonstrates and then teaches how, with one finger, a smiling Dom(me) can control, hurt, immobilize and terrify his playmate, and how this same technique can also be used stimulate and increase sexual pleasure. This workshop encourages hands on practice, but those attending without a sub are also encouraged to attend.

(Duration: 1.5 Hours)


Violet Wand use for Pleasure and Pain

Violet wands are incredibly versatile. Join F-H-B in this electrifying workshop as he demonstrates how to make someone purr or tearfully beg for mercy with the violet wand. Part of this class is set aside for attendees to experience the zap themselves.

(Duration 1-2 hours adaptable)​

Balancing Pain with Pleasure (Also known as Ethical Sadismt)

Firm-Hand-Buddha is a sadistic SOB. Yet somehow he seems to always have lovely men and women volunteering to be on the receiving end of his sadism-many of them are not masochists! With a philosophy that includes ensuring that his playmates enjoy their time in his devious hands, F-H-B discusses maintaining that balance and still being able to fully explore his Sadistic nature.(Duration 1.5 hours)​


Erotic Wax: From Sensory Shenanigans to Creative Works

After first discussing the safety concerns and ways to mitigate risk, this demonstration provides attendees with information on a broad range of uses for erotic wax.  Demonstrating techniques for sensory play that will titilate the mind and nerve endings, FHB lets his sadistic side show, while always demonstrating a safe, consensual care for his demo person.  Class wraps up with some tips and tecnniques for using a body as a canvas and wax as the medium for creative works.  Time permitting attendees are able to test the wax themselves.   Duration 1-1.5 hours.

Aropedeevil & FHB Workshops


Consent, Accountability & Community Challenges

This workshop addresses dealing with community challenges regarding consent and accountability. Part presentation and a lot of sharing that attendees are encouraged to participate in.

(Duration 2.5 hours)


Assertive Negotiation for Sex and Kink

Aside from discussing all the fun things you might want to have done (or do to someone), assertive negotiation reaches a bit deeper.  This workshop starts as a "talking head" discussion on communication styles, self awareness, and assertive negotiation, then moves to guided role play to practice assertive skills. 

(Duration 1.5 hours)


BDSM for Beginners

This consent based workshop delves into hot and knotty sex, with an introduction to BDSM ''lingo'' and labels, understanding the difference between power exchange relationships and BDSM activities, and provides beginner level information and demonstrations of basic kinky activities. 

(Duration 1-2 hours)


Ethical Sadism

This presentation and discussion helps to create a deeper understanding of how our own values come into play in our S/m journey, and how we can strive to remain ethical even as we derrive pleasure in causing pain and/or feeling pain.  (Duration 1-2 hours)​


Transparency and Communication for Couples

This workshop addresses building trust in a relationship. Communication and transparency are the key areas of discussion, with the presentation focusing on both how to brush up on these skills, and how to be encourage and foster their use between you.  Role play and handouts galore..

(Duration 1-2 hours)​


Beyond Consent: Getting the Play/Sex You Want

Great!  We understand the model of freely given and enthusiastic consent, but now what?  How do we consensually get our needs and desires met?

 This presentation and discussion helps to develop healthier communication skills in regards to play and sex, and explores the art (and reward) of vulnerability, trust and self awareness.(Duration 1-2 hours)​